If you are involved in cotton and arbitration award enforcement, we are here for you

Providing advice and information on cotton award enforcement

Committed to being the leading provider of funds for enforcement of arbitration awards

Setting the cotton industry standard in award enforcement, risk management and loss prevention advice

What is ICA Mutual?

ICA Mutual (International Cotton Association Mutual Ltd) is an independent discretionary mutual created to fund the enforcement of ICA arbitration awards and provide legal expenses protection for ICA arbitrators if sued in overseas courts

Who is it for?

Any ICA member company trading in the cotton industry who may have to enforce ICA arbitration awards, anywhere in the world

How we can help you

We understand your business and we know about cotton

ICA Mutual is run by people who have experience in the cotton trade and in enforcing arbitration awards

You will be in safe hands

ICA Mutual is run by people who are experienced in the cotton trade and understand the industry risks much better than a standard commercial insurer

You will have a team of lawyers at your disposal

They have in depth knowledge of enforcing awards in specific (and difficult) worldwide jurisdictions

You are our main priority

ICA Mutual is a not-for-profit organisation aimed at assisting its members rather than providing dividends for shareholders

You will find it difficult to find another service like it

ICA Mutual fills a gap in the cotton industry and is bespoke to the cotton trade

You will receive a personal and friendly service

We know you and your business, which helps to resolve problems effectively and minimise financial impact

Cost of membership

The cost of membership

The cost of ICA Mutual membership is based on the amount of cotton you trade – just 1 US cent point per pound.  Find out how much it will cost you

Apply for membership

Apply for membership

You can apply now for ICA Mutual membership by completing our simple online application form

Claims process

Claims process

Use our simple step-by-step checklist to see if you are eligible to register a claim